Weight Loss Programs


At Nutritional Weight loss center in Prescott, Arizona, we offer different types of weight loss programs depending on your specific weight loss needs. With over 35 years of experience, Dr. James Martin has created advanced weight loss programs that focus on different elements of weight loss as well as education and maintenance to keep your weight in control. Through education, customized eating plans, vitamin therapy, medication (if needed), weekly weigh-ins, nutritional meal replacement (when appropriate), and maintenance counseling, our programs allow you to lose weight in a healthy manner with the support of our highly trained staff. Our weight loss plans are customized based on your individual needs to lose the weight in a healthy manner.


Basic Weight Loss Program

Our most popular program is our "basic" weight loss program that is a long standing and highly respected program developed by Dr. Martin over 35 years of being in the medical field and practice. Our weight loss clinic has had hundreds of patients who have been very successful and have lost the weight they desired by participating in this program, being customized to fit their weight loss needs. The basic program includes an orientation class, two weeks of medication, a brief physical, and your initial B5/B6 injection. After your initial visit, that includes everything listed above you will need to come in weekly to be weighed, have your blood pressure checked, and receive an injection ( B5/B6), unless you chose to add a B12 injection, which is an energy booster. Every three months you will need to schedule an appointment with the doctor for a consult and to review your progress with the program and go over the amount of weight you have lost. When starting the basic weight loss program, we typically like our patients to have a goal of at least 20 pounds or more to lose. Our basic program has no end date, meaning you will be in the program until your goal is reached as well as after if you would like to maintain your weight control.


Advanced Weight Loss Program

In addition to our other two weight loss programs, we offer an "advanced" program which is similar to our "accelerated" program which also includes nutritional supplements, Life Pack (vitamins), KLB 5, which is a detox, and a B5/B6 oral spray that increases and boosts your metabolism. This is a strict 30 day accelerated weight loss program like the accelerated program is. If you have any questions about our different weight loss programs or are ready to get started, please contact our office at (928) 350.8686 for a consultation. 


General Notice

*** We please ask that if you do decide to join our "basic" program, that for your initial visit children do not attend due to the fact that you will be here for approximately 1 ½ to 2 hours.***Weight loss programs are customized and tailored to your individual weight loss needs. Our Prescott office serves patients across all of Northern Arizona and all of the cities in the Phoenix metro area by appointment. Please contact the Nutritional Weight Loss Center at (928) 350- 8686 to schedule an appointment.