"*After having three kids, gaining 65 pounds and attempting multiple diets, I would always end up regaining the weight. After trying Dr. Martin's program, I have lost all of the weight I gained with having my children and am proud to say the program really works! I enjoyed the pleasant atmosphere at the Nutritional Weight Loss Center so much that I had to work for them." ~ Christina R. 


*"I am so thankful for my friends that referred me to Dr. Martin and the Nutritional Weight Loss Center. The program is easy to follow and the employees are very supportive and welcoming. I've been on a handful of diets, but this one is different! The recommended diet is easy to follow with lots of foods to choose from. The food is all real food from the grocery store and none of the mandatory pre-packaged food or drinks that other diets offer. 82 pounds slimmer in seven months and I FEEL FANTASTIC!" ~ Julie C. 

*"My husband and I are currently patients of Dr. Martin and have been for several years. Like most people, we had tried everything to the best of our ability to lose weight. It wasn't that we were severely over weight, but we always had that extra 15-20 pounds that all of us should lose. I found Dr. Martin's office through a friend that was in his program before me. I watched her positive results as we as a few others and I was convinced that he knew something that no one else did. I started by attending an educational seminar that Dr. Martin was instructing along with educating a small group of us who were all desperate to find an answer to losing weight. He spoke in layman terms so that it was easy to understand. After I got blood work and a check-up with the doctor, I began the program. Within two weeks I had lost 10 pounds and it got my husband's attention. He saw how it was working for me so he said he wanted to come too. Having a program you can both work at together does make it easier. We worked on following Dr. Martin's food suggestions as well as portion size and within three months I had dropped 20 pounds while he had lost 40. The program does work. Dr. Martin has made us very loyal patients because we know it works if you follow the program."  ~ Nancy S. 

*"My weight is always a struggle and with the help of NWLC and staff I feel more in control of my choices. The weigh ins are motivating and the staff is always positive even if my weight isn't. The clinic has been a big part of me keeping my weight off and under control when I am up a few pounds. Thanks!"  ~ E.C. 

"* I have always felt very comfortable and cared for when coming in for visits. Thank you for all you do." ~ Andrea J. 

*Disclaimer: Weight loss results may vary from person to person. Procedures advertised on this website may produce different results for each person. 


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