Weight loss supplements are highly specialized and researched products that improve cellular function and health. They are composed of multiple vitamins, herbs, and antioxidants that have been proven to improve and keep cells healthy. The supplements also work on the cells to improve the ability to lose weight while utilizing proper food intake and exercise. Weight loss supplements are tailored to each individual's needs and are offered as a part of our customized weight loss programs.

To see what weight loss supplements you will need as a part of your weight loss program, Dr. Martin has the most up-to-date scanner to test your antioxidant levels. This scanner was seen on the "Dr. Oz" show and only takes a few minutes to scan for your antioxidant levels. It is a non-invasive, simple procedure that allows us to accurately identify the supplements you will need in your weight loss journey. 

If you require supplements as a part of your weight loss plan, Dr. Martin will discuss this with you and decide which will be most beneficial to your needs. Weight loss supplements are available to our active patients. Our Prescott office serves patients across all of Northern Arizona and all of the cities in the Phoenix metro area by appointment. Please contact the Nutritional Weight Loss Center at (928) 350- 8686 to schedule an appointment. Results vary from person to person. 

Vitamin Supplements in spray form may include: B12 Sprays, KLB5, B5 & B6 

D3 Spray and Multi-Vitamins


The body absorbs the vitamins more quickly and effectively in the spray form.