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Skin Rejuvenation

Facial and Body Treatments


Skin rejuvenation is the process of bringing the skin to a more vibrant, aesthetic, and youthful state. At Nutritional Weight Loss Center, we use the aid of Galvanic current with special gels to achieve rejuvenated skin. The gels treat the cells in the skin causing an awakening of elastins and collagens to come alive again. This causes a lifting and tightening of the skin tissues. This gives a younger, healthier looking skin. The Galvanic current, along with shaping gels can also smooth away cellulite. The Galvanic spa can be used on the face as well as other parts of the body, helping to achieve a younger, more youthful appearance.


Nutritional Weight Loss Center also offers Day Moisturizers to brighten, hydrate, and fortify the skin. Night Time Moisturizers are available to help transform your skin to a more radiant look. All of the above techniques alleviate the need for Botox and skin fillers.


The Galvanic Spa's current with gels improves your outward appearance, while the supplements, which are tailored to your needs, improves internally, making more healthy cells which not only make your look and feel better, but actually helps you lose weight.

Our fully trained medical assistant will gladly give you a FREE facial so that you can experience the Galvanic spa. This will show you the results described and shown above. 

Skin rejuvenation using the Galvanic Spa is available to our patients and non-patients. Our Prescott office serves patients across all of Northern Arizona and all of the cities in the Phoenix metro area by appointment. Please contact the Nutritional Weight Loss Center at (928) 350- 8686 to schedule an appointment.

"Since I have been doing the facial treatment for the last three months, I have noticed a significant reduction of the lines on my forehead, around my mouth and the crow's feet around my eyes. My skin also feels much smoother, more radiant and looks healthier. This treatment twice per week combined with the daily Nano Pack and Vitality Supplement makes me feel healthier, younger and more vibrant. I would definitely recommend the combined treatment for anyone interested in looking and feeling healthier and younger."

– Joe B., 45 Years Old, Tempe

How to Use Your Galvanic Spa device. 

Galvanic Spa Device