Meal Replacement


Meal replacement is a nutritional supplement used to replace a meal when one cannot obtain or have a prescribed meal from the dietary plan while on a weight loss program. The meal replacements are in the form of very delicious shakes and multiple flavored bars. Both the shakes and bars are very high in protein, which makes them an excellent part of a weight loss program, if needed. They are very consumable and moderately priced. Meal replacement is only used as a part of a dietary plan if prescribed meals from the plan cannot be consumed.

Nutritional Weight Loss Center may utilize meal replacement as a part of your customized weight loss program. This will depend on your personal weight loss goals, and how our programs integrate with your dietary plan. Based on the weight loss program designed for your individual weight loss needs, Dr. Martin may include meal replacement as an element of your plan, if you cannot have one of the prescribed meals that will be a part of your dietary plan.

A few of the different flavors are offered at Nutritional Weight Loss Center are:


  • Chocolate peanut dream

  • Carmel crunch

  • Carmel brownie

  • Double peanut butter

  • Oatmeal


  • Vanilla

  • Chocolate

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